Overall Rating: 92.50%
Average Rating: 9.25/10
I just got a surprise package. Thanks so much Mike. I think the stands are really great. Very different from anything I've seen and I've looked in a lot of sties and on line. The travel stand is something I've never seen...nothing at all like it out there and the black stand is unique. I like the round bar..it's strong but not bulky looking. Really great job.
Eileen T.
Wow, its fantastic Devin. I will be in touch tomorrow after John see's it. Thanks so much for creating my vision so perfectly!
Thank you so much for the great risers. They arrived this afternoon and already my dear wife has put them in the china hutch with her things on them. They look and are just perfect. You folks did a great job and we so appreciate it.

Perfect Valentine gift. I'll have to get some roses to finish the job.
Russ and Marilyn

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